Are you looking for a fun, dynamic and honest speaker for your group or event? Well, look no further.

Julie Gill

Speaker, Mediator & Coach

As a mediator who is focused on working with families, I have seen and heard a great deal.  I won’t say that nothing surprises me because ….life is boring if not for the surprises!

As a Certified Elder Mediator I hear terms and labels, misconceptions and assumptions in conflicts including experienced adults. I see experienced adults bullied, ignored and settling. By sharing my voice, skills and experience I want to help you recognize the control you have in shaping your aging experience.

My experience both personally and professionally with managing difficult conversations, learning how to fight fair and acknowledging that there are always at LEAST 2 sides to every story help me share insight that is both real and entertaining.

I’d like to think I’m positive, open and authentic and I do get that feedback from the many presentations and speaking engagements I have had the pleasure of participating in.

I can tailor the message to your needs – based on your audience, timelines and theme.

Do you want to know more about…

  • Having difficult conversations?
  • Proactively communicating your wishes?
  • How to be heard when times are tough?
  • Confidently sharing your needs and concerns?
  • How to avoid and challenge ageism?
  • Respecting the aging process – as individualized as that is?

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If these topics are of interest to you or if they’ve brought to mind something similar, I encourage you to connect with me to discuss your needs. I’m always happy to talk and see what creative solutions we can find.