Specialized care for your loved one

I will let you in on a little secret…ALL families fight.

As an elder mediator I see families fight about health care plans, housing, finances and estate planning to name a few.

Mediation is a great process to get the family together to help resolve a concern or conflict. Everyone has a voice, everyone is treated equally and all members participate in the solutions or at least in the decision of how to move forward. For more information click here.

What if we could address issues before they become issues? Before the conflict happens? 

We are seeing more and more families have proactive conversations about their needs, wants and wishes.

  • Do you have concerns about your parent’s well-being?
  • Have you been organizing your affairs and it’s led to questions about the state of your parent’s affairs?
  • Is it time to start having the “talk” with your parent?
  • Is it time to start having the “talk” with your children?

Which talk you ask? Pick any one below!

These are the topics that people find hard to talk about, even with family & friends.


Health & Care plans


Wills & Power of Attorney



These are also the topics that families fight about most.

You need to be prepared for the conversation.

Sometimes the conversation is hard.