The term senior is used to refer to experienced adults age 55 and up! While I’m sure that the discount can be beneficial, I’m not sure lumping everyone together as a group is.

Aging is a long process, let’s face it we’ve been doing it since we were born! Aging is highly individualized and not something that can be generically supported.

As our country; and many others, find themselves talking about an aging population, I find that what we are leaving out is your voice.

Positively Platinum is about helping you have a voice, helping you have difficult conversations with your family and about helping you advocate for your needs.

It is said that Canada is greying, but what does that mean?

For the first time ever, Canadians who are 65+ outnumber children 14 and under. Canada is going grey, or as I like to call it platinum!

Are you part of the silent generation? 74-93 years young?

Or the Baby Boomer generation? 54-73 years young?

Whichever group you fall into, you no doubt have your own communication style, feelings about topics that should be discussed and which should be private, as well as strong feelings about personal and professional relationships.

The gap includes the generations before you and the generations after you  who also have their own communication style and those styles are often in conflict.

Why choose Positively Platinum?

Most people face conflict each day and more often than not people are uncomfortable with it.

Don’t lose your voice, learn how to communicate through and past the conflict.

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